Training Support Services

TSI provides ongoing a wide variety of training courses ranging from formal classroom settings, to On-The-Job (OJT) training at customer sites to creating portals to enhance distance learning through tools like Siemens TeamCenter or Microsoft SharePoint Services. Our customers include Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, U.S. Army Schofield Barracks and Naval Education and Training Security Field Activity (for Foreign Military Support programs). Samples of recently conducted training include:

Apprenticeship / Training Support Services

Support to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard thru the development of training syllabuses and tools for specific service trade. Training ranges from practical skill development to understanding shipyard planning processes crucial to efficient execution of work.

In-Country Support

Working through Naval Sea Systems Command Foreign Military Support (NAVSEA PMS 326), TSI developed On-The-Job training courses focused on improving the efficiency of production facilities at SRF Jeddah and SRF Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The most recent course, the Dry Dock Management and Training (DDTM) course was taught in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to 25 senior RSNF civilians and military with the goal of sharing work experiences with the equivalent training courses taught to the U.S. Navy.

International Shipyard Management Support

The course is designed to familiarize naval officers from other countries with the various shipyard production management processes employed by the U.S. Navy. This course not only teaches efficient, environmentally sound operations but builds alliances and cooperation with the US Navy in the future. This course is taught annually with TSI providing the syllabus and acting as the lead for course coordination. 

International Shipyard Management Course July 2009

Hawaii 5-0 Technology Services is the lead instructor for curriculum development and instruction.