Technology Development and Integration

Development of new technologies for DoD through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program and a Public-Private Partnership for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Examples include Navy-sponsored research, engineering, testing and certification of metal fiber brushes in submarine motors and generators under NAVSEA 073R and deck plate engineering support for implementing the NAVSEA 04 Improved Engineering Design Process (IEDP). IEDP provides implementing strategies to improve communications and remove non-value added work from Naval Shipyards. This expertise also includes:

  • Developing work and material ordering instructions and logistics support, as well as providing engineering technical support in applications of this highly innovative technology
  • Developing test procedures, coordinating systems testing, conducting and resolving testing failure analyses, quality assurance verification, and resolving technical issues.
  • Developing logistics, material, and quality assurance documentation for material ordering, immediate and long-term logistic support, and life-cycle management instructions.
  • Transport and storage support for test equipment, test articles, and tooling.
  • Process planning & integration of technology to expedite work flow. Statistical Process Controls (SPC) and analysis of processes to remove non-value added work (Lean Production Techniques). 

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard – our staff includes engineers and technicians with extensive technology experience working at shipyards like Pearl Harbor.