Information Technology (IT) Support Services

Full-range of Information Systems support, including: pre-sales technical and program support; installation and training on all products; setting up workgroup networks; quality assurance, and organizational logistics support. We are experienced in the acquisition, systems engineering, financial management and management support of IT infrastructures for our federal customers – including the development of Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs) and Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) plans. Our staff experience includes Microsoft Office to Siemens TeamCenter to Virtualization Infrastructures including VMware. Specific examples include:

IT infrastructure assessments

Sponsored by NAVSEA PMS-326, TSI personnel conducted in-depth assessments of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Information Systems as they pertain to shipboard and depot maintenance practices. These infrastructure surveys are crucial to upgrading the existing network to allow for the efficient, reliable information flow of maintenance work processes.

Network Security Plan Development

Under the NAVSEA 04 sponsored Improved Engineering Design Process, TSI developed a network security plan that  minimizes the possibility of information spills from non-Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (U-NNPI) work stations to stations not approved for this information at the Naval Shipyards.

Software Engineering

TSI personnel provided software engineering support to develop work modules in Siemens TeamCenter. This work included linking to Naval Shipyard databases including AIM, ATIS (for drawing management) and MRQT (for material management) for the purpose of optimizing document creation and collaboration. Our IT team has many years of experience in setting up servers, developing Oracle database clients plus developing XML based interactive work processes for Naval Shipyard.

Cyber Security

TSI currently provides Software and Systems Engineering Support, Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA), and Systems and Network Administration to NSA.   TSI provides test and evaluation that are part of systems protocol. This includes GUI analyses, GUI testing, and vulnerability testing. TSI manages all aspects of assigned project tasks, to include developing and scheduling tasks, assigning and managing resources, providing required documentation, establishing milestones, identifying risks and practicing risk management, and managing the contract complete scope of work. TSI ensures that security procedures and protocols are implemented and enforced, performs troubleshooting, and resolves complex problems to ensure minimal disruption of mission-critical applications.

Security Technology

TSI has provided a study to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Andersen Air Force Base and recently to Hickam Air Force Base to upgrade their flight line camera and security systems and have installed and provided flight line cameras and security systems to Elmendorf and Hickam.

Risk Reduction and Integration

TSI currently has a contract under PJITC to research, identify and analyze feasible transition and migration strategies and optimize legacy data and related processes critical to inform support risk reduction activities for transitioning the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to a new joint architecture. Hawaii 5-0 together with its Joint Venture Partners, is required to understand Legacy Systems, Perform Value Analysis, Plan Migration of Interfaces to Services, Perform Level of Effort and Costing Analysis, Generate a Transition Plan, and Maintain the Transition Plan.