Biofuel and Green Energy

The renewable agricultural by-products make biofuel for electrical power production a viable, sustainable, and secure option for successfully achieving DoD long-range energy goals and initiatives. A cellulosic- based bio-fueled electrical power generation capability on DoD installations will help achieve the following DoD strategic initiatives:

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Increase the use of clean, renewable energy and improve efficiency of existing energy systems to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and to optimize environmental sustainability. We will do this by developing installation capabilities to use locally available biomass feedstock to produce an on-site flow of biofuel for installation electrical power/steam generation needs.

Increase energy efficiency

Increase the use of energy technologies that provide the greatest long-term cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Bio-fueled electric power and steam generation facilities contributes to DoD goals for increased use of renewable / alternative energy, helps achieve Net Zero requirements, reduces installation carbon footprint, and helps support the local economy by using local feedstock and labor.

Improve energy security

Provide for the security and reliability of energy in order to provide dependable energy utility services. An on-site bio-fueled electrical generation   facilities will ensure that DoD’s critical installation activities continue irrespective of natural or man-made disruptions to the local electrical grid.

Although DoD can apply several contracting vehicles, TSI suggests an Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) contract, which DoD can make available for lease non-excess real property on military installations under the authority of Title 10, United States Code, Section 2667. This authority allows for military departments to lease land or facilities to a private or a public entity, on a long-term basis, where cash and/or in-kind consideration are received for use of the leased property. DoD installations can enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)/Commodity Services Agreement (CSA) with TSI for renewable, cyber secure combined heat and power at a commercial competitive rate. The result – a cyber-secure, self-contained energy supply chain in support of the DoD installation.




…the affordability of renewable technologies will steadily improve, and with a strong market pull, cost reductions could be dramatic. For renewables, the intangible and hard to quantify benefits, such as reduced pollution and security, yield indisputable economic value.
— The Army’s Energy and Water Campaign Plans for Installations